We are excited to share with you the plans to restore the marina previously known as Sarles Boatyard and Petrini Shipyard located on Spa Creek in Annapolis, MD. This Eastport landmark will undergo a transformation while preserving the maritime legacy and the tranquil atmosphere of Spa Creek. The new South Annapolis Yacht Centre will be a beautiful marina village that incorporates water view residences, a state of the art boatyard, and office spaces available to local maritime businesses. The new marina will be built using LEED standards and will integrate environmental site design including pervious surfaces, a green roof, rain gardens, storm filters, and micro-bioretentions to drastically improve the unfiltered stormwater pollutants that are currently flowing into Spa Creek. Thousands of native trees, shrubs, grasses, and perennials will bring new life to the site and reconnect it with the Spa Creek watershed.

We invite you to journey with us as we guide you through the plans that will enhance the maritime community, the environment, and result in a marina that Annapolis can take pride in. Don't forget to check out the FAQ section as well!


The property formerly known as Sarles Boatyard and Petrini Shipyard located in Eastport on Spa Creek has been in existence for over 100 years. The current conditions of the marina demand attention and are in need of revitalization. The boatyard is falling apart and is not only unsightly but presents both dangerous and harmful conditions to Spa Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. The existing site contains 2.5 acres of existing impervious surfacing, amounting to 55,000 gallons of unfiltered stormwater flowing into Spa Creek during every 1” storm event. In addition, there are fractured and unconnected green spaces with limited habitat value; a dominance of invasive trees and shrubs; and an aging tree canopy that causes concern for public safety and potential property damage. 

  • As documented in these photos, the existing condition of the bulkheads and piers are outdated, dangerous, and harmful to the water quality of Spa Creek and the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Stormwater runoff is unchecked with zero storm water collection or treatment filtering in place. The outdated system, lack of modern marina systems, and improper storage containments lead to conditions of industrial waste and pollutants running into Spa Creek.
  • Electrical systems are failing, completely substandard, exposed, poorly protected, and are currently severely outdated.
  • Erosion is present which can be seen in multiple failing slopes.
  • There are currently numerous boathouses on the site obstructing the sun from reaching Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV). This vegetation is an important ecosystem habitat for many species and is essential to the health of Spa Creek and the Chesapeake Bay; it cannot grow in the current conditions under a structure causing shade.
  • There is not a Boat Wash Wastewater Containment and Treatment system currently on the site.
  • Of the 60 trees present on site, an overwhelming number are non-native or non-contributing and 53% of all trees are decaying and dying.

Unsightly grounds

Unsightly grounds

Marina in Disrepair

Marina in Disrepair



The new South Annapolis Yacht Centre will provide exceptional marine services to Annapolis residents and visitors. 69 slips will replace the existing 85 slips, and a new floating dock system will modernize the current docks in disrepair and allow boaters to safely access their boats. Commercial offices will be available to the maritime community, and the actual structures will be residential sized components, broken up into a village of buildings all with a scale appropriate to the surrounding residential area and community. A landscape architect and arborist have been an integral part of the design team. Thousands of native plants, shrubs, and trees will be planted which will not only enhance the beauty of the site but also improve the ecology of Spa Creek.

SouthAnnapolisYachtCentre_HD_Exterior_Cam4_100818 (1)-5400px.JPG

Eleven new water view homes will replace the already existing eleven residences on the site and are designed to integrate into the pattern language of Eastport. There will be six single family residences, one duplex, and one triplex all replacing the same type of home that currently resides on the property. The style, materials, and gable or hip roof shapes will emulate those traditionally found in Eastport. The houses have been designed to integrate with and extend the existing Eastport street grid, and continue the rhythms and scale of the adjacent community.


Ecological Planting

As we revitalize the marina, we will create a landscape that reconnects the site with the Spa Creek watershed and local ecology. Over 120 trees, 2,894 shrubs, and over 13,000 native perennials and grasses will be planted on-site. There will be a new generation of forest canopy created. The urban biodiversity will be enhanced through the selection of habitat-rich species that also participate in the improvement of stormwater quality through the capture of harmful contaminants and pollutants. 


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Green Roof 3.jpg

Green Roof Benefits

We will be including a green roof on the property. It will be strategically located on one of the maritime village buildings, preserving the water-views of the adjacent neighbors. Additional benefits of this green roof include:

  • Intercepts stormwater: plants and soil filter the rain-water, either delaying water run-off or releasing the water back into the atmosphere. This process eases the burden on local watersheds and reduces soil erosion.

  • Contributes to evapotranspiration: water is stored in green roof soil and is released back into the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation.

  • Decreases the heat island effect: plants and soil on the roof help to warm the building during the winter months and cool the building during the summer.

  • Diminishes UV Damage: a green roof protects the roof’s membrane, which extends the life of the building materials.


Water Quality Plan

Our goal is to protect natural water resources through an integrated stormwater management approach utilizing multiple micro-practices including: pervious paving, rain gardens, storm filters, and micro-bioretention. As vegetation adapts to the site conditions and climate, the need for irrigation and maintenance will be reduced resulting in a reduction of water and energy needs. Through the redevelopment we will provide opportunities for people to visually and physically connect with nature and will incorporate environmental site design to the maximum extent practicable. The following elements will be implemented:

  • Approximately 20,000 square feet of covered boat houses will be removed from the water frontage within Spa Creek, thereby reducing shading effects over potential submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) habitat by approximately 0.46 acres. This will allow for regrowth and support of marine life and a healthier Spa Creek.

  • A Marina Boat Wash Wastewater Containment and Treatment system will be installed where there is none in the existing condition.

  • There will be a reduction of impervious coverage within the 100-ft buffer by 17% (9,393 sq.ft.). Reducing impervious coverage in the buffer and replacing it with a planted buffer will provide a huge positive impact on the health of Spa Creek and the environment.

  • The site will exceed the Critical Area 10% Rule for stormwater pollutant removal by 55% which is in stark contrast to the site’s current situation of zero pollutant removal as seen below in the infographic.


The site currently has zero stormwater management. We are required to remove 10% of the site's stormwater pollutants.

Instead we will remove 65%. That's 55% above the requirement!

Pollutant Reductions

The pollutant reduction is a critical objective of the EPA Watershed Implementation Plan to reduce nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorous) and Sediment to meet the goals set within the Total Maximum Daily Limit (TMDL) Program. A TMDL is a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can receive and still meet water quality standards, and an allocation of that load among the various sources of that pollutant. The proposed reductions for the South Annapolis Yacht Centre project will assist in meeting the goals of the Spa Creek Conservancy (SCC) for the Spa Creek Watershed. These reductions will improve the health of the creek and the tidal waterway leading to the Chesapeake Bay.

The redevelopment will provide the following pollutant reduction:

Total Nitrogen Removal                  TN =   14.9 lbs./yr.

Total Phosphorous Removal            TP =  2.3 lbs./yr.

Total Suspended Solids Removal    TSS =   990 lbs./yr.

Our Team

We’ve built a collaborative team comprised of local experts in their fields who all share the same vision for South Annapolis Yacht Centre and the preservation of Spa Creek. This team is working together to create a beautifully designed centre that restores and enhances Spa Creek and continues the Eastport maritime tradition. The local Team is concerned and vested in ensuring the project provides a new life span for the site while protecting Eastport’s maritime heritage and enhancing the environment with modern ecological improvements.  

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Bret Anderson


Annapolis, MD

Alt Breeding Schwarz
Scarlet Breeding


Annapolis, MD

Campion Hruby
Kevin Campion

Landscape Architect

Annapolis, MD


Bay Engineering
Terry Schuman

Engineers and Surveyors

Annapolis, MD

Alt Breeding Schwarz
John Alt


Annapolis, MD


Campion Hruby
Jordan Crabtree

Landscape Architect

Annapolis, MD


Wetland Studies & Solutions
Michael Klebasko

Critical Area Consultant

Annapolis, MD

Interested in tracking the progress of The South Annapolis Yacht Centre through the approval process?

City of Annapolis tracking site link for the project is: http://etrakit.annapolis.gov/Search/project.aspx?activityNo=SDP2015-063

  • Original project number is SDP2015-063
  • the new site plans and submission documents can be viewed by clicking on the PDF: "SAYC Revision 1 Site Design Plan Review Drawings" at the bottom of the page      
  • Updated project submission number is SUB2016-007, however the new site plans and submission documents can be viewed under the original project number and the link listed above